м. Вінниця | Україна | 26-29 травня | 2016
Vinnytsia | Ukraine | May 26-29 | 2016



Intermezzo Short Story Festival, May 26-29 2016, Vinnytsia, Ukraine

On May 26-29, 2016 the already second Intermezzo Short Story Festival will be held in Vinnytsia under the motto “Private seas, common shores”, focusing on the topic of the sea in literature. The authors, whose creative work is related to the physical and mental space of the sea, as well as researchers of marine art and marine motifs in literature will try “to conjure” the sea on shores of the Southern Buh. Referring to the cultural heritage of civilizations of the Mediterranean and Black seas. The core component of the Intermezzo Festival will also remain the connection between literature and cinema, search of stories, dictated to the artists by the present time.

The special program of the festival will be dedicated to the Crimea and Crimean Tatars, problems of cultural identity of the Peninsula, the historical destiny of Crimean peoples, the theme of lost and discovered home. Selecting this topic, the organizers were inspired by amazing Crimean short stories of Kotsiubynskyi (“In Bonds of Saitan”, “On the Stone”, “Under the Minarets”, “In the Sinful World”), who 120 years ago recorded an extremely  disturbing changes in life of the peninsula. Cultural workers from Ukraine, Poland, Ireland, Belarus, Armenia and other countries will speak with the means of art on the important issues for society and try to help establish a dialogue between the temporarily displaced residents of Crimea and Podillya Region. The Crimean program will introduce writers, musicians and filmmakers from Crimea and reveal new interpretation of the traditional culture of Crimean Tatars.

In the framework of the festival the special project called the Isle of Europe will also be realized. It is dedicated to “small” or “chamber lіteratures”, which are often out of focus among readers and critics. Through the expanding of the cultural map of Europe in the minds of Ukrainians a more integral view of the continent as a civilization island is formed, where the fate of each nation is interconnected, including through literature.

Information on the festival:

The Intermezzo Short Story Festival is an annual festival of short prose, held in the city of Vinnytsia during four days in late May. The festival is dedicated to the figure of the famous Ukrainian writer and public figure Kotsiubynskyi (1864, Vinnytsia – 1913, Chernihiv). The writer’s stories are real treasure of world literature, integrating Ukrainian culture in the context of European modernism. «Intermezzo» is one of the most famous works of the author, which embodies the best qualities of an active artist who seeks to change the world and themselves in it.

The idea of ​​the festival follows from this story: in hard times a person gets tired of his/her own and other people’s problems, requires changing the environment to sharpen internal vision and feel their own essence. However, they face the realities of life, see the society from the side and from the inside, and after a brief intermezzo are even more drawn to solving urgent problems. The Intermezzo Short Story Festival aims at listening and speaking, articulating social issues through art, involving a wide range of experts and interested audience in active transformation of Ukrainian society.

Audience of the festival — residents of Vinnytsia, youth, students, intellectuals, lovers of literature and films, as well as guests from the western and central, eastern cities of Ukraine, and Kyiv, aided by the favorable geographical location of Vinnytsia.

Participants of the festival — Ukrainian and European men of letters, writers, scriptwriters, directors, managers of culture, musicians, artists, public persons, lecturers.

Organizers of the festival are NGO “Institue of Culture Management”, Vinnytsia City Council and Literature-Memorial Museum of M. Kotsiubynskyi. The festival is held under the patronage of Vinnytsia Mayor Serhiy Morgunov.


For questions please contact the press secretary of the festival Tetyana Rodionova +38 093 813 12 83; info@intermezzofest.com.